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The phrase “alt season” has been heard a lot recently, whether on social media or from analysts.

Many experts have gotten the habit of proclaiming the start of an alt season every time their favorite cryptocurrency rises by 5%, sending false signals and leaving the rest of us in the dark about whether alt season is truly upon us or not.

Despite this, alt seasons are a real phenomenon in the world of cryptocurrency – knowing when they come round and how to invest in them can be an important skill on your investment path.

Etheruem is presently setting a new all-time high, and several large-cap altcoins are swiftly following, implying that 2021’s alt season appears to be truly beginning. So let’s get this party started and figure out what a cryptocurrency market is and how to use it as an investor.

The crypto-birds are beginning to chirp.

While it’s too soon to declare that this is an alt season, a number of indicators suggest one is on the way. The most important early signal is Ethereum’s price boost. ETH is known for being the “first mover” and kindling for an alt season to follow.

Isn’t it amazing how the idea of creating a “first mover” has actually come to pass?

In the last week, Ethereum established a new all-time high, and with that, it entered what many traders refer to as “price discovery.”

Price discovery is simply the moment when a cryptocurrency’s previous all-time high is broken. It’s essentially finding out how much it’ll cost and, with that knowledge, establishing a new all-time.

We’re seeing several large-cap altcoins keep pace with Ethereum’s rise rather than waiting in the wings for the next stage of the price cycle this year.

If this pattern persists, Ethereum entering price discovery may see numerous altcoins setting new all-time highs, much like Solana did with its own all-time high this week.

With two of the largest altcoins by market capitalization posting all-time highs in the same week, could it be another indication that altseason is here?

The summertime isn’t all about sunshine and beaches.

Why should the average investor be concerned about the start of the alt season? If you’re a fan of simplicity, the graph below is worth checking out.

Bitcoin has lagged all six other alternatives in this time frame, which can be seen in the graph. This Bitcoin underperformance is a characteristic of an alt season, as well as another indicator that an alt season may be on the way.

This year’s distinction is that many large-cap altcoins are moving together, rather than Ethereum taking the limelight first.

This is a significant departure from previous patterns, and it shows that Ethereum has real rivals in the area of decentralized apps.

Is it too late to start celebrating alt season now?

It’s too late to invest if the alt season has already begun, isn’t it?

Not if history is any indication. The graph below displays the overall crypto market cap – or the total value of all crypto assets excluding Bitcoin. In other words, the line represents the value of all altcoins over time as a whole.

On the surface, this graph appears to follow a recurring pattern. We can see remarkable parallels between the two periods in question: 2014-2018 and 2018-now.

The 2014-2018 time frame appears to be an accumulation phase (red line), followed by an alt season (2017 price increase).

We can see that a similar accumulation phase has occurred in the 2018-2021 period from the graph above. Furthermore, we are presently at the same point in the crypto price cycle as we were when the 2017 al season began.

If the form laid out in 2014-2018 is maintained, it could suggest that this is only the beginning of yet another alt season.

So, how can you get involved?

With so much activity in the altcoin market, it’s clear that deciding where to invest now is more difficult than it was a year ago.

We’re in the midst of a heated contest to see who will be the first to truly challenge Ethereum’s second-place market capitalization, and opinions on the issue areas divided as they’ve ever been.

It’s difficult enough to figure out what to invest in, and you don’t need fees making it more difficult!

Don’t be concerned; Revix is making it simple for you to get involved with the altcoin market. REVIX, a Cape Town-based cryptocurrency investment platform, is giving investors the chance to add the top performing big-cap altcoins to their portfolios.

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