Blockchain Adoption Making Bitgert A Very Solid Project

by Analytics Insight

April 2, 2022

The zero gas fee has been the biggest reason the crypto community loves the Bitgert project.

The Bitgert project growth over the past few weeks has been phenomenal. The project is among the fast-growing cryptocurrencies, which can be seen from the price increase Bitgert coin posted in 2022. The Bitgert marketcap has been skyrocketing as well.

But this growth has been driven by the fast adoption of the Bitgert blockchain, which the crypto community says is the most powerful chain in the industry right now. Here is more about this powerful project and why its adoption is doing well:



The Bitgert team has delivered one of the most powerful blockchains revolutionizing the crypto industry. The Bitgert blockchain addressed one of the biggest limitations in the crypto industry: the expensive gas fee. The high gas fee is still growing and has affected many projects that currently have transactions volumes dropping due to the high cost of transacting. A good example is the dropping Shiba Inu transaction volumes.

The Bitgert chain also launched with a 100k TPS, which is the fastest chain, ahead of the 65k TPS for the Solana chain. These are the features that have increased the adoption of the Bitgert blockchain chain. However, the zero gas fee has been the biggest reason the crypto community loves the Bitgert project.

The mass adoption of the Bitgert blockchain is growing the demand for BRISE. This is why the Bitgert coin is doing very well. The adoption is also making Bitgert a very solid project in that the market is growing, and the coin price has maintained a stable growth. Therefore, Bitgert will be the next big thing to watch in the crypto industry.



The Bitgert blockchain adoption is skyrocketing coin price, but the Centcex project has been skyrocketing without a product launched. Centcex is one of the new cryptocurrencies experiencing massive growth due to the huge potential the project has. The Centcex project objective is to provide a platform where crypto users can get all the products they need.

In the process, the use of these products will generate revenue for the staking investors and, at the same, skyrocket the CENX price. That’s how investors will be making huge returns from their Centcex investment. Centcex team is almost launching its own exchange, and more products are coming up in Q2 2022.

For investors looking for a crypto investment with massive potential, Centcex might be the best option today after Bitgert.

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