Coinbase Pro vs. Coinbase: What Is the Difference

As of today, Coinbase is one of the most sought-after exchanges on the market, so it is not surprising that you want to try it as well. But, first, you will need to choose between Coinbase Pro and a standard version. For many traders, especially newbies, performing such comparative analysis would seem an overwhelming task. Hence, we have prepared our own review for you.

As you have probably heard, Coinbase is marketed as a service oriented towards beginners mainly, while Coinbase Pro is considered to be an advanced exchange for experienced and active traders. However, the choice is not as obvious as it seems. Thus, we are going to discuss the terms of use offered by both platforms in further detail.

Here are the major features and advantages offered by Coinbase Pro vs. Coinbase:


  •   excellent education and research functionality;
  •   low minimum deposit;
  •   staking opportunities as a source of passive income;
  •   an integrated educational platform;
  •   rewards in altcoins for studying;
  •   the latest trading news;
  •   price alerts;
  •   a hot wallet;
  •   a simple interface, which is designed for users with minimum experience;
  •   a great opportunity to combine learning and trading;
  •   one can start making investments right away;
  •   mobile app with 2-factor authentication for improved security;
  •   regulated in 45 states in the USA;
  •   a brokerage service;
  •   a good choice for long-term investments in crypto.

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Coinbase Pro:

  •   an extended selection of assets;
  •   derivatives, NFTs, ETFs are available;
  •   extra minor altcoins are offered;
  •   its fees are among the cheapest on the European and American markets;
  •   advanced control over trades, due to stop-limit orders and other passive trading features;
  •   professional charting;
  •   indicators;
  •   drawing instruments;
  •   insurance;
  •   cold storage;
  •   managed accounts;
  •   integration with outside apps;
  •   FINRA regulation;
  •   clients are protected by SIPC;
  •   regulated in 28 US states;
  •   available in 42 countries;
  •   a fully-featured exchange;
  •   a perfect option for active day trading.

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We would also like to mention the most essential drawbacks so that you get an objective view:


  •   trading commissions are higher compared to the Pro version;
  •   maximum leverage is 1:1;
  •   only one fiat account currency;
  •   no indicators available;
  •   a limited selection of financial instruments.

Coinbase Pro:

  •   fees are a bit more expensive than on certain other exchanges;
  •   a limited range of cryptocurrency pairs.

To summarize, our research has proven that Coinbase is meant for newbies mainly, while Coinbase Pro ― for professionals. However, our advice for you is to combine these platforms. Namely, we recommend you use Coinbase for learning, researching, monitoring charts, and making decisions. Afterward, you can just move to Coinbase Pro and put that decision into practice as this service offers much lower fees and more extended functionality.

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