Ethereum Crypto Competitor Bitgert Blockchain Has Speed Of 100k Transactions Per Second, Faster than Solana, Cardano, Matic

Ethereum Crypto Competitor Bitgert Blockchain Has Speed Of 100k Transactions Per Second, Faster than Solana, Cardano, Matic

by Analytics Insight

February 13, 2022

Bitgert team has launched a blockchain that would offer a zero-gas fee and be super-fast.

Bitgert has been proving a force to reckon with in the crypto industry for the last six months. When the crypto project launched in early July 2021, one promise was to build its own blockchain that would offer a zero-gas fee and be super-fast. That’s exactly the kind of blockchain the Bitgert team has launched. Read more about the Bitgert BRISE BRC20 blockchain and why it is competing with networks like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Matic, and others



The launch of the Bitgert blockchain has been a surprise as the industry wasn’t expecting it. In fact, it got competition off-guard. But the crypto community is extremely excited about it, and this can be seen from the skyrocketing Bitgert prices since the team made the announcement. As the Bitgert team had promised, the transaction cost on the Bitgert blockchain is 0.000021 BRISE, which is equal to $0.0000000000001. This is simply a zero figure.

The transaction speed has also been another factor that has excited the crypto community. The Bitgert blockchain has a 100,000 TPS speed, which is faster than Solana, Cardano, and many other protocols. The Bitgert team has also announced that the blockchain is going live on 15th February 2022. Read more about the BRISE BRC20 blockchain on the project’s official Twitter account. The Bitgert website also has more about the project.



There is something about the Centcex project that is making it popular with the crypto community. First is the recent announcement by the Centcex team on the official telegram that they are also building a Centcex blockchain for the project. The second reason is the colossal utilities that Centcex will be offering. The team has in the whitepaper said it would be developing an unlimited number of products for the network. With the staking tokens sharing 100% APY of the generated revenue, Centcex is one of the best rewarding crypto projects of 2022.



The Bitgert blockchain has been said to be an Ethereum competitor because of a number of things. One of them is the compatibility of the Bitgert blockchain with Ethereum. This means it will be easy for the Ethereum users and projects to migrate to the Bitgert. In addition to that, the Bitgert blockchain is faster and cheaper than the Ethereum network. When with the ongoing Ethereum protocol upgrade, the blockchain might not beat Bitgert’s BRISE BRC20 blockchain speed and the low cost of transactions. Therefore, Bitgert will be a tough competitor.



Solana now has a tough competitor in Bitgert. With the launched blockchain, it had better performance than Solana in almost all aspects. First, the speed of the Solana Network is about 65k TPS while Bitgert is hitting 100k. The cost transacting on the BRISE BRC20 blockchain is $0.0000000000001 or zero, while the SOL blockchain is quite more expensive than this. These are some of the reasons why Bitgert is now posing a threat to Solana dominance as the fastest blockchain. Therefore, we are likely to see a huge migration from Solana to Bitgert.



Cardano is one of the largest blockchains in the market today but has been struggling with the issues of speed, security, and decentralization. The cost of transaction is also an issue on Cardano. That is why BRISE BRC20 blockchain might be better than Cardano. With a throughput of 100k TPS and the cost of transaction zero, Cardano is going to have tough competition. However, the Hydra upgrade might make the network a little bit competitive. However, it might prove difficult to beat the Bitgert competition.



Polygon (Matic) is today one of the widely used scaling solutions for the Ethereum blockchain. The smart contract transforms the Ethereum network into a multi-chain system to increase its speed and lower the cost of transactions. That’s why Matic has been doing well in the market. In fact, the increasing Polygon network scaling is making Matic even stronger. But with Bitgert compatibility with Ethereum, Matic competition will be increased. That’s why the coming blockchain might be very disruptive and will put the competition notch higher.



The other crypto project that will be affected by the launched Bitgert blockchain is Avalanche. At the moment, Avalanche is the fastest smart contract in the industry. But this is likely to change with the BRISE BRC20 blockchain launch. It will have the fastest smart contracts in the industry, and the speed might pass what Avalanche is offering at the moment. Therefore, we will likely see the Avalanche team launch more scaling solutions to keep the platform competitive.

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