How Switch is Empowering its Users to Gain Financial Security Through Blockchain Technology

JACKSON, Wyo., March 8, 2022 /PR Newswire/– Switch is merging the worlds of banking and blockchain by creating a community that enables members to store, send, switch, and spend their digital rewards. Switch recognizes that wealth is not simply how much you have but is the ability to do more with what you already have. Launched as a partnership between banking executives and blockchain technologists in 2020, Switch seeks to give more options to everyone that wants to achieve their financial goals.

Through Proof of Action technology, Switch cardholders are rewarded by simply swiping their cards. These rewards come in the form of SWITCH, which is the native currency to the Switch blockchain. With various card options, the amount of rewards is determined by usage and the card option.

Switch has created a global network of strategic partners within its platform that powers the Switch digital wallet, enabling its users to access a wide range of financial service tools. The Switch approach allows its user to easily “switch” between a range of digital assets and regions’ local tender, ensures Switch will be accepted in over fifty-five million locations worldwide. Whether you make purchases with your Black Card, Blue Card, or by tapping your phone with the Switch digital card through Apple Pay and Google Pay, Switch gives you the ability to spend your digital assets.

Switch COO, Brad Willden, former SVP of Zions Bank, states; “The Switch Blockchain will create limitless options to take ownership of your personal wealth.” Switch gives anyone the ability to spend their digital assets and have more options on how to achieve financial independence.

With emerging market innovations like distributed ledgers and decentralized financial technologies, Switch provides clarity to each individual that is seeking financial wellness and higher quality of life. The Switch blockchain aspires to provide tools and services worldwide and help people achieve their financial goals. Make the switch today and start earning your rewards at

*See terms and conditions for regions where Switch is available.

Brad Willden
[email protected] 

SOURCE Switch Reward Card

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