ISMG Editors: Bitcoin or Monero

Access Management
Business Continuity Management / Disaster Recovery
Critical Infrastructure Security

Also: Applying an Identity-Centric Zero Trust Approach

Clockwise, from top left: Suparna Goswami, Anna Delaney, Mathew Schwartz and Tom Field

In the latest weekly update, four editors at Information Security Media Group discuss important cybersecurity issues, including how virtual currency Monero is becoming the main alternative to Bitcoin as the crypto choice for criminals, the challenges involved in an identity-centric Zero Trust approach and how to influence change in culture.

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The editors – Suparna Goswami, associate editor, ISMG Asia; Anna Delaney, director, productions; Mathew Schwartz, executive editor, DataBreachToday & Europe; and Tom Field, vice president, editorial – discuss:

The ISMG Editors’ Panel runs weekly. Don’t miss our previous installments, including the April 8 edition discussing building cyber defenses in wartime and the April 22 edition on the complications of regulating spyware.

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