NFTglee Announces Tradestation Sponsorship For Miami Bitcoin Conference, Additional Events And Sponsorships Throughout 2022

NFTglee is also announcing the formation of an events and sponsorship division within the growing firm, as in-person events have come back to both the crypto and traditional finance scene. Announcing a partner like Tradestation is an entry into facilitating access to both products and experiences for event attendees.

“Tradestation is really a valued 360 degree partner for us. Having them accompany our efforts at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami is going to be a spectacle and we are incredibly excited about it. The city of Miami is uniquely positioned as a place where Bitcoin and new capital are finding increased adoption and opportunity. April is going to be a special month.”Tillman Holloway, CEO, NFTglee.

NFTglee will also be attending NFT Miami April 1 – 3 in a similar capacity as partners with Tradestation. The opportunity to showcase the firms financial products, delivered via NFT’s, and executed on Tradestation’s platform tells a unique story about the future of finance.

“The city of Miami and Mayor Suarez have made a commitment to Bitcoin that we admire. Spending extended time and resources in and around the city with a partner like Tradestation is exciting for us.”Tillman Holloway, CEO, NFTglee.

NFTglee staff and talent will be spending half of April in Miami attending both NFT Miami and Bitcoin 2022; sharing the message of building on Bitcoin and the utility opportunities associated with NFT’s.


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