Paxful Ray Youssef Creates Entrepreneurs

Ray Youssef and his bitcoin exchange Paxful are changing the world one sovereign entrepreneur at a time. We may even look back in ten years and realize that Youssef and his team spawned an entirely new and bespoke category of entrepreneur — the “sovereign entrepreneur.”

There are many entrepreneurs in the West but very few have had to overcome the kinds of financial repression and other obstacles that an entrepreneur has to endure in Africa. To say that African entrepreneurs are resilient is an understatement, as you listen to Youssef talk about the talent he finds on the African continent and the obstacles those individuals must overcome to launch their businesses. “Anti-fragile” is more like it.

A One-Of-A-Kind Bitcoiner

In a recent interview with Youssef — who will be sharing the lessons he’s learned from his experiences as CEO of Paxful at Bitcoin 2022 — we discussed what drives him to develop the entrepreneurial talent in Africa and how he does it using Bitcoin and the Paxful platform.

His life story and career before discovering Bitcoin are remarkable. He’s a first generation immigrant who was born in Egypt and came to the U.S. when he was two years old. He grew up working at his parents’ newsstand in Columbus Circle and Hell’s Kitchen in New York City in the 1980s, which were radically different neighborhoods back then. He grew up working the gritty streets of New York City and learned how to deal with people.

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