Solana Price Retest, While Cardano, Litecoin, Centcex, Matic, Avalanche Became Steady

Solana Price Retest, While Cardano, Litecoin, Centcex, Matic, Avalanche Became Steady

by Analytics Insight

February 6, 2022

Bitcoin has been bullish for the last 3 days of the first week. Other cryptocurrencies like Solana, Centcex, and more also recorded impressive growth.

The first week of February has ended in a bullish condition, with most crypto coins recording impressive gains. Bitcoin has been bullish for the last 3 days of the first week, where it grew rapidly to trade above $41k. Other cryptocurrencies like Solana, Bitgertm, Centcex, and so on also recorded impressive growth. The Solana coin price has now been retested, while most cryptocurrencies have remained stable on the first day of the second week. Read more about how these top cryptocurrencies prices are performing:



The bull market condition in the last days of last week made Bitgert one of the biggest gainers in the market. Bitgert is one of the coins that have skyrocketed during the bull market. The market looks like it has stabilized at the start of the second week, but Bitgert is still going strong. Bitgert is one of the stable cryptocurrencies today, with an impressive sign of going bullish when the market surge again. Note that Bitgert is about to launch the Brise centralized exchange (CEX) in Q1 2022. The gasless blockchain testnet development is also about to start. This is a project to watch.



For the last three days of February’s first week, the market has been bullish. This was when Centcex delivered one of the best performances in the market. But with the market in a stable condition right now, the Centcex coin has also slowed the pace it was growing at. Now the Centcex coin is quite stable, but there are expectations it might soon go bullish again. The ongoing development of the Centcex exchange and possible launch is keeping the crypto community watching. Immediately the team releases the news, Centcex will start the bull run.



After recording one of the best performers in a while over the weekend, the Solana price is now retesting. The price has been dropping over the last few hours of the morning. In fact, at the time of this writing, Solana was 2% in the red. This is means the coin is slowly sliding back to a stable floor price. But Solana is one of the highly potential cryptocurrencies, with the potential to record another bullish growth. With the ongoing Solana mainnet developments and the Riptide Hackathon, good tidings are coming soon for the Solana token holders.



The Cardano price is not growing fast as it has been for the last few days. According to the charts, the Cardano price is slowly dropping but very stable. In the last bullish market condition, Cardano recorded an impressive growth that has not been seen for a few weeks. Even with this drop, Cardano still has an impressive price to start the week with. With the expected protocol development, ADA might be among the best performing cryptocurrencies of 2022. The Cardano Hydra upgrade is one of the biggest things coming up soon.



With the bull market fading, the Avalanche price is now getting stable in the market. This is after the cryptocurrency had recorded one of the best performances in the market for a few weeks. Pushing over 10% growth in 24 hours is a big growth margin, especially for those who bought Avalanche at the lowest. Even with the Avalanche price dropping marginally, there is still a huge potential of growing bull again. Note that Avalanche is still the fastest smart contract in the market and is highly sought by developers.



Those who invested in Matic during the previous dip are very happy this weekend. The Matic coin has been doing very well in the market. It recorded one of the biggest gains in the previous bull market. With the slowdown being experienced this morning, Matic has been one of the most stable coins. At the time of this writing, Matic was just 1% in the red. But with the events taking place at the Polygon network, Matic is expected to maintain good stability even bear market. Polygon Studios have a new CEO, and this might boost the performance of the NFT and gaming products.



With the growing demand for Litecoin, this is one of the cryptocurrencies to watch in 2022. It is also one of the coins that posted impressive performance during the last bull market. Though the market is stable and most cryptocurrencies are retesting, Litecoin is one of the few coins in green. As of this writing, Litecoin was 2% in the green, making it one of the best performers today. The Litecoin team has also been doing a lot, with the launch of the MWEB upgrade being the biggest product launched lately. It might also be the reason why Litecoin has been performing well in the last few days.

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