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TSUNAMI in Thailand in 2004 (Wikipedia).

The eruption of an undersea volcano in the Pacific Ocean not only sent high waves across the water, but also prompted warnings all the way to the Orange County coastline.

Beaches in Huntington Beach were closed on Saturday. While it was not believed that a giant wave would strike the coast, such a surge of oceanic energy could create unpredictable weather conditions that could be a danger to sailors, surfers and swimmers.

Large waves were reported striking the island nation of Tonga, washing ashore with a high of 2.7 feet on average, but details about the impact were scarce.

Sports: Bengals beat Raiders

The Cincinnati Bengals posted their first playoff win since 1991, holding off the Las Vegas Raiders by the score of 26-19 in an AFC Wild Card weekend victory on Saturday. The Bengals are now 11-7; the Raiders finish at 10-8.

This evening the Buffalo Bills will host the New England Patriots in another AFC matchup.

On Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles will be at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the San Francisco 49ers at the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Kansas City Chiefs. Monday night’s game will have the Los Angeles Rams hosting NFC West division rival Arizona Cardinals.

Weather:  Showers, then clouds

A few light showers are forecast for Saturday night in the West Orange County area. Sunday will be warmer and drier with a daytime high forecast at 74 (54 overnight) under partly cloudy skies. Monday through Wednesday will be similar with daytime temps in the high 60s.

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