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In this article, we will not be telling you what to not invest in because that story will be very boring and long. We are bringing you analyses from our experts that have analyzed the crypto movement last month.

In long run, they have picked only four coins and they are calling them winners for 2022 and years to come. For these four coins/tokens most secure and steady growth is expected this year.These four coins are named: 

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Monero
  • Qardin Token

Despite the fact that Bitcoin as of late went through an adjustment, exchanging volume stays solid and stable, and we can foresee outperforming 100 000$ in June 2022. Bitcoin is Bitcoin and there is no need to rethink a lot here. Many crypto influencers are saying that 2022 will be a Bitcoin year. Also, this will be a year where Bitcoin volatility will stabilize meaning there will be steady almost as US dollar.With Bitcoin being steady will bring stability to other coins like Ethereum and Monero.

Ethereum forecasts are significantly greater as far as rate. Some forecast locales even go far as 30 000 $ toward the finish of 2022. 

Monero is the most secure crypto in history, also when Bitcoin and Ethereum are on the rise so is the Monero. We are certain Monero will be consistent also in 2022. We can anticipate going to 500$ without a doubt, perhaps even 1000$.

The new player around will be Qardin Token, this token has an incredibly low ICO cost.The gathering of investigators predicts that this is on the grounds that they as of now have enormous financial backers and they need not many clients to compare with them as far as the number of tokens. In that manner, there is no value control by huge financial backers when entering the trade.

This imaginative idea is just one they have in their arsenal. They have a very ambitious business plan and they are planning to go big in 2022. They are planning to hit all bigger exchanges for beginning there is Binance, Kraken, and Kucoin. So big names in the fashion industry have already invested in the project, we assume this Token will have the biggest gain in 2022.

What is QARDIN (QDN)?

Qardin Token is an innovative idea about connecting retailers around the world in a single platform and attracting customers to this platform. What that means in real life is that customers can go to Qardin Web platform or Qardin Mobile application or in Qardin Metaverse and have the best shopping experience. Everything you need from other platforms and smaller webshops like eBay, Alibaba, Nike, Adidas, Zara, and so on will be presented on Qardin platform.  Also, their Metaverse virtual world will have real shops and malls designed to fullfill the shopping experience. Also in the plan is that customers will be able to create virtual self with real dimensions so when they go to virtual mall they can try on virtual snickers or clothes and see how it fits. 

There are more ideas but not all of them can fit in this article so feel free to check their website for more information.

Official website: www.qardin.com

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